One more thing that domestic violence campaigns need to do

To address the issue of domestic violence head on, widespread awareness is critical. Various ad campaigns seek to achieve this by taking on the issue of domestic violence from different angles and inspire its audience to do something about it.

These campaigns will move you to act on domestic violence

Children are bundles of innocence and joy – you rarely consider them to have a better perspective on life than a full grown adult. And what is surprising, and even powerful, is when the young ones in our lives understand proper behaviour and etiquette better than adults.

We can see this evidently portrayed in a video about domestic violence from Italian newspaper In this clip, young boys aged seven to 12 years were asked about their aspirations, when they were introduced to a lovely girl named Martina. They were asked to make funny faces at her and to caress her lovingly, to which they complied. But, there was one thing that they refused to do.

“Slap her!” the interviewer told each one them. Each one responded with a firm “no.” When asked why, they all said that girls should never be hit. “As the saying goes, ‘girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with a flower’,” one of them said.

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