On International Day of Families, calls for gender equality to start in the home

On the International Day of Families, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the importance of gender equality in preventing gender-based violence and upholding children’s rights in the family. For this to happen, men and women need to be equal decision-makers in the home, he said.

Gender equality in the home is crucial to ending violence

Growing up in a household where gender equality is practiced reduces the incidence of violence against women and children, according to the findings of local and international studies done by a Norwegian commission. Furthermore, these studies showed that children coming from these households are more likely to support gender equality and oppose violence when they become adults. These findings offer us a lasting solution against gender-based violence. To achieve this, however, we need to ensure that gender equality is first achieved at home. Hence, this has been the message of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the International Day of Families held last May 15.

“Around the world, more women are becoming recognized as the equal partners and decision makers in families that they should be, thus helping to ensure an environment conducive for the full and harmonious development of children,” he said.

So, how can women become equal decision-makers in the household?

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